The Gumoil process is a relatively new photographic printing method, discovered by the late photographer Karl P. Koenig in 1990. He coined the term “Gumoil” in his first book, Gumoil Photographic Printing, in 1994.

A high quality 100% rag paper is coated with a light-sensitive solution of gum Arabic and dichromate. A positive image is then exposed by means of ultraviolet light, processed in water, and dried. Oil pigments are rubbed onto the image, by means of cotton swabs, and removed. Consecutively applying and removing the pigments build up the image. A large variety of colours can be used, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind prints.

This is a practical and labour-intensive workshop. As we work with oil pigments, it is advisable to wear old clothes. Aprons are provided. We focus only on one image in this workshop, of which we print a number of different versions with different coloured pigments. Image selection is critical and generally images of higher contrast work well with the process – please contact us for more information. We require an A4 digital photograph to be emailed to us a week prior to the workshop.

Bob Cnoops: South African artist. Born in a mission hospital in what was then deep rural Africa, he grew up living closely with local tribes and was exposed to a multitude of traditional beliefs, stories and tribal practices. This was an important formative aspect of his life and continues to be of importance even though he has lived in an urban environment for the past four decades. Intrinsic in his work are the influences of Africa, surreal influences, which he had taken in as a boy and later as a grown man; a surreal African reality that he is totally comfortable with. His images thus reflect back on the hidden “surrealities” of the Self, his hidden African Self. He was awarded an Associateship (1987) and Fellowship (1990) in Fine Art Photography by the SAIP, the first photographer to achieve such an award in SA. His work has been widely published and he has exhibited locally and internationally, solos as well as group exhibitions. He has a deep passion for the historical photographic processes, and in South Africa his name is synonymous with pinhole photography and Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown and Gumoil printing.

Duration: Half Day
Time: 08:30 –14:00
Class Size: Max 10
Skill Level: All levels
Cost: R1350 (incl. all materials)