The Alternative Print Workshop offers Teen Workshops over the summer and winter school holidays. Come join us in a creative, fun and educational environment learning about Black & White film photography, printing, and historical photographic processes. You will build your own pinhole camera; be a chemical whiz and mix light sensitive emulsions and solutions; expose photographic prints to the sun; and learn to work with a film camera, process your own film and print in a traditional B&W darkroom. The chemicals used in these workshops are not dangerous and handled under the attentive guidance of Master Printer Dennis da Silva and Janus Boshoff.

The workshops are not difficult and provides an elementary introduction to the beautiful art and science of photography. Ages 13 to 18 and both boys and girls are welcome to enrol in these workshops. All workshops are full day and runs from 9AM to 4PM.

Invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel, the historical Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown processes relies on the light sensitive properties of iron. The emulsion is freshly mixed and coated by hand on artist’s watercolour paper. The coated paper is then exposed, in contact with a photographic negative, to the sun. After exposure the print is simply washed in water. A creative, fun and safe process, the Cyanotype produces images in Prussian blue whilst Van Dyke produces chocolate brown tones.

In this fun and creative workshop, you will build your very own pinhole camera from a paint tin and expose a number of images that you then process and print in a traditional darkroom. A tiny hole, the size of a pin, is drilled into a tin. This pinhole “lens” produces, much like the human eye, an image that is projected upside-down in the tin. Photographic film is placed in the tin and exposed in bright sunlight. Students learn the fundamentals of photography as well as the B&W darkroom.

Known as ‘lensless’ photography, you will create images in the darkroom by means of light, photo-paper and chemicals. A wide range of techniques is covered including Sun pictures, Photograms, Chemograms, and Photo-batik. No cameras are used in this expressive and creative workshop, which appeals to art students interested in experimenting with alternative mediums. The chemicals used in this workshop are non-hazardous and was specially formulated for safe working practices.

In this 2-day workshop students cover the entire working procedure of film photography, including loading film, exposure, film processing and making enlargements in the traditional darkroom. Requiring a methodological and disciplined approach, Dennis and Janus guide and assist the students throughout the process and explain and demonstrate each step thoroughly. No prior knowledge of photography is required. Students leave this workshop with a clear understanding of film photography, processing and darkroom printing. Film, paper & chemicals included in in workshop fee.